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I had this condition which started off as bad chapped lips and then developed into deep dry cuts at the corner of my mouth. I had tried quite a few remedies, and I am happy to say that thanks to three simple ingredients and some patience, I am free of this condition completely. Here is what I did:

1: Washed the corners of my mouth with antibacterial dishsoap. This cleans the area and dries fast.

2: Once I dried the corners of my mouth with a clean paper towel, I applied a dab of lotrimin cream on the cuts. Make sure you do not cross contaminate if both of the corners of your mouth are infected. Use a clean swab for each side.

3: I washed my hands and then applied a dab of regular vaseline on top of the cuts to prevent cracking and add ease the pain.

I did this for 4 days, and the condition is completely gone! I definitely will be doing this a lot sooner when I notice this condition coming on. Hope you all find healing with this remedy.

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