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John S

Hey everyone...I developed Genital Warts about 2 years ago. Its has been a very big pain in the butt. First is the embarassment of having Genital Warts. It literally changed my life. I was always dating girl and enjoying life. After I contracted genital warts I didn't go out on a single date for over a year because I was ashamed and embarrased. Through a little trial and error i have found some great ways to treat my genital warts.

Here are a few of my tips:
Step number one: Your body is great at fighting off certain viruses if you allow it to do so. But to do this you must boost your immune system. Boosting your immune system can help fight of the genital warts virus. Step number two: Apply Skinhale wart remover to remove any visible genital warts. It is all natural. Step number three: Repeat steps one & two. It is important that you understand that each year over a million people contract the genital warts virus. So you are not alone. Whatever method you choose good luck and be strong!

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this looks like an ad for skin hale. saw a few of these, look like snake oil. you can cure this with stuff in your cupboard.


I've seen this 'story' about 5 times so far on this site and another very similar on another HPV site.


Ad! Shame, shame.

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