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You ladies are SO SO SO SO RIGHT! In fact, your helpful salt tip saved my sanity (and my lady parts) tonight. Long story short, i bought the wrong thing at the drug store earlier (bought a homeopathic something or other that did nothing) and was DESPERATE for some relief. Stumbled across this magical site and sat in a shallow bath full of loads and loads of sea salt. Even rubbed some sea salt in and around -- and as warned by another woman, it HURT LIKE HELL! But i tell you what -- i reclaimed my evening! I feel AMAZING!!! I will be doing this the next few nights as needed. Wow, you gals are good. Thanks for saving me.

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Put about 1/2-1 tsp sea salt in a mug with warm water for easier application, then pour and get it in there. Be sure the salt has dissolved to avoid discomfort.

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