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I have been dealing with angular cheilitis for years now and it has been very frustrating. I never knew what the cause was until last year. Living in Colorado, it seemed I could tell when each new season would begin (especially winter) when the corners of my mouth would start to split.
I tried many different home remedies with little success. ACV just burned, was unpleasant smelling, and didnt do anything. Chapstick only helped to keep the area moist (which is opposite of what you want) but it helped aleviate pain during the day. Anti-fungal creams didnt do anything.

Then I found the prize winner. Right before bed (the sooner you catch the split in the skin the faster the healing) wash out the cracks with dawn dish soap to kill off all the bacteria inside, completely dry off area around split area with paper towel, let air dry the rest of the way while you're getting into bed, and then graciously apply neosporin to the area.
The next morning my split has already closed up. I then apply lip balm to my lips to keep them moist to detour my cuts to reopen from dry stretching. (Remember Colorado humidity is quite low)

Hope this works for you.

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