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I've been sufering with an abscess for 4 days (It's my own fault eating toffee on a boken tooth!), I've had many before, some that have been more painful, and my doctors and dentists are reluctant to prescribe me any antibiotics so after praying to God that the pain will go away for days, I have finaly found a way to manage the pain.
First, I upped my garlic intake by taking supplements and adding it to my food, as it is a natural anibiotic. I then did my best to cut sugar from my diet (I am a total sugar freak so I failed a teensy bit and m word did I pay for it afer!)becuse bad bacteria thrive on it, even if it doesn't touch he tooth. I then wedged a small piece of cotton wool dipped in a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda into the missing part of the tooth where the abscess was. It has been drawing the infection out and my pain has been down for he past hour. Although I have also had a codeine tablet about 2 1/2 hours ago so that will be partly why, but drawing the infection out with cotton wool usually relieves it for me.

I feel terrible fo any of you suffering with an abscess, best of luck and I hope you're free of pain soon!

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it worked perfect!!! 2hours later and I feel like new!
i used hydrogen peroxide to clean it out when i was done

Erica Mendez

How long do u leave the wool on the hole? Thanks .

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