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So, after reading many home remedies on here for about 2 weeks, I decided to submit my story. I am 31yo female. I have not had sex in over a year, and about 3 weeks ago, noticed many small to mid-size bumps (about 25) on my vaginal lips. After researching when they didn't go away after a day or so (thought it could have been razor burn), I came to the conclusion that it was a GW outbreak. None had developed into the cauliflower, painful ones; they were simply flesh-colored bumps that had a minor itch associated with them. This was confirmed by a doctor who suggested either cryotherapy(freezing) or Aldera. I originally went with the Aldera, but after only 2 applications, stopped due to many bad reaction reviews I had read by others. I had already researched home remedies for this, and came across an ACV method mixed with Tea tree oil, vitamin E, and garlic. Everywhere I read ACV and tea tree oil are extremely effective, and take about as long as the Aldera applications. I also read about boosting your immune system to fight off the virus.

I have a very active and busy lifestyle, but am much more open to natural remedies rather than doctors. So, I went to the store and bought many supplements to boost my immune system.

Originally, I was skeptical to use ACV, as many have talked about burning sensations. So, I started out applying a Tea Tree and vitamin E antiseptic creme to the area, along with many daily supplements to boost my immune system. The creme I use is 'derma e' and can probably be found at a health store (I use Super Supplements). I use this twice daily (for about 2-4 hours during the day, and right before bed through the night 8-10 hours). There is NO burning; it does have a slight cooling sensation, but not irritating in the least, and disappears after maybe 5 minutes. Plus, it takes the itch away. The supplements include a multi-vitamin, vitamins C and E, echinacea, and garlic capsules. I noticed small changes, as it did not itch as much, nor did anymore appear, but it was hard to tell if this method was working.

After about a week, I spoke with my Mom in the health field, who is also becoming more familiar and pro-herbal remedies. She mentioned hearing in a class that Red Marine Algae is excellent in fighting the HPV virus. I then researched this method, and came across several websites, and a short video promoting this. So, I went and purchased Red Marine Algae Plus (from Pure Planet - also at Super Supplements) and started including this in my daily supplements. The video I watched said about 2500mg during an outbreak. This equates to about 5-6 pills, but WELL WORTH IT. I started taking the Red Marine Algae 6 days ago, and all of the warts are almost completely gone!! There are only about 4 of the mid-size ones left, and they are significantly smaller. I will continue to use these supplements, along with the creme, until completely gone, but am thinking I have maybe only a week left. Then, for future prevention, I will continue the supplements, reducing the Red Marine Algae down to the daily intake amount of 1000mg, or about 3 pills.

I will try to remember to update here in about a week, letting everyone know if the outbreak is completely gone, but if you read this, please research Red Marine Algae for genital warts (or HPV), as I truly believe it is an EXCELLENT and VERY EFFECTIVE way to treat this ordeal.

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Louisa 123

I'm 37 and I found out a month ago I have both strains, the ones that cause warts and high risk, which gave me VAIN2. I'm dealing w the emotional stress of having this issue. I've gone twice to Gyno to get them burned off yet they keep coming back. I am currently taking RMA Girgantina One strain, multivitamin, Vitamin C, and colloidal silver.

I also used ACV and it got rid of some but left me extremely irritated. So I started using castor oil for the irritation and little ones came off like that... yet I'm feeling another outbreak in another part of my vagina :(

I really don't know what else to do. I'm at a loss. My Gyno didn't really give me information about what I have and I have a feeling I might have accidentally spread the virus, I don't know but I don't seem to be getting any better. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Btw I have only been with 2 ppl, one was my unfaithful ex husband and the other was Unwanted sexual intercouse. So yes, a lot of emotional baggage there.


I am officially one week in take RMA at 2,500mg I'm the am with an empty stomach and today is the first day that one disappeared and another is shrinking.. my vaginal discharge is also starting to minimize. I purchased the pure planet RAM. I will repost in a week to update you beautiful souls! I hope this really works!! ????

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