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I had this problem till I was 12! When the doctors are smart enough to tell you there is nothing physically wrong, they should be smart enough to tell you it could be a state of mind.

The cure was simply learning to wake up from a deep sleep. My father would wake me about midnight every night. My mind finally learned to wake me rather then create a dream state of being in the bathroom in order to relieve the pressure on my bladder.

Never punish a child by making them hold it or scolding them for something they do not understand, trust me its bad enough dealing with the fact you live in pure fear of your friends finding out.

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im 12 and im always afraid of my freinds finding out thankful for me i odnt have to use pull ups anymore beacuse they have a medicine out


This is the method I am using with my 7 year old son,and it is helping already.(2 weeks).Not only is there less laundry but his self esteem is improving daily.

Fustrated Dad

My daughter is 11 years old and still wets the bed quite frequently. I have restricted the drinks in the early evening but she drinks enough during the day at scholl I'm sure to overcompensate for that. I started off waking her up several times a night and she would still wet. She only needs 15 minutes of sleep to do that. She currently has three alarm clocks in her room. In bed at 8pm, up at midnight, 3am and 5am. She likes to turn them off or down and go back to bed even if she's wet. This morning she got up wet, went to use the restroom and went back to bed having not bathed as ordered to if it happens, also not changing the undergarments or the bedspread. I'm not 100% sold on whether this is a bed wetting problem in her case or just outright laziness which she frequently admits. Her mother gave her up when she was 7, well past the 5 year time line it takes for a childs personality to develop. Almost 5 years later, it's still the same fight even after medication on two separate occasions with stronger doses and to no avail. No real options left.


well im 14 yrs old and been having this problem forever!!! it reallly sucks and im terrified if anyone of my friends find out. ive used tons of methods such as waking up 2 times a night, not drinking before bed, and even wearing those stupid night time pull ups when i was twelve. and it really is harder to stop when your parents yell at you when it happens. also its hard when your parents act as if its as simple as just waking up in the middle of night. im a really deep sleeper, i dont feel or hear anything at night. a tip for parents is to not be frustrated with your child. also most kids aren't comfortable talking about it even with there own parents mainly cause there scared you'll be mad or there just to embarassed. i have a older brother who gives me hell whenever it happens and i easily start crying. also, to parents that believe there child is to lazy to clean them selves up after an accident, its not because there lazy. its often because there tired of it or they dont want to be seen doing it. i sometimes wait untill my family goes back to bed for me to clean up the mess because its very embarrasing doing it in front of people. whenever i clean up the blankets in front of my dad he shakes his head as if in dissapiontment. that alone can make me break down in tears.

so parents if you want your kid to stop just stay calm with them about it. understand them when they say they dont know how to stop. also dont force them to talk about in front of people. ask your kids docter to talk to them one-on-one with out you in the room about a treatment. it'll it much easier for your kid.


my daughter is 11 and still wets the bed...almost every night. The Dr put her on a medication that was suppose to help her wake up dry...she was on it for 3 months and it hasn't helped. I make her go potty before she goes to bed (8:00pm) and I wake her up during the night...sometimes it helps other times she still wets the bed. I've been doing this since she was about 7 (when I stopped buying pull ups for her)

I found this remedy called Be-Dry...I haven't tried it yet, but it's well worth a shot.


I have the same problem with my 11 yr old girl. I used to wake her up in the middle of the night, but one night she refused so I stopped helping and got her an alarm clock which she is either sleeping through or turning off. We've tried medication, didn't help. I make change her own sheets. Everyone says it's wrong to acuse them of being lazy but that's what it seems like, she is a very deep sleeper. We've talked about proper hygene, body odor, etc. We've made goal charts, nothing helps. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm sick of doing laundry every day. The utility bill is going up. How do I get her to try harder? To make more of an effort to get out of bed?


Hi, you are right that the person must be woken. The best method of this is to use a urine sensing enuresis alarm that beeps when the person starts to urinate. I used this bedwetting alarm on my child and absoloutly recommend it to everyone it was called the DRI eclipse model.


My 12year old wets the bed still I have tried everything from taking away allowence to rewarding him for dry nights. I see how much this wetting brings him down,I tell him everyday that I love him and understand how hard this is for him to have this problem, at one point in time he could controll his wetting for weeks at a time, and other times he could not ,this confused me more and I thought he was just simply being lazy then but this was not true he was simply not sleeping, when you wake your child offten through the night this olny worsens the issue because now with waking them all night they are over tired,you just have to be understanding and keep looking for the cure to the problem, if you critize and yell this will olny cause depression which will make the wetting worse. keep trying everything you can and let them know you love them and that you are willing to work at hepling just as hard as they are.

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