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I had been dealing with AC for almost 6 months without treating it, because I thought it was just really chapped lips since i only had a slight cut in the corner of my mouth. About 2 weeks ago it started to spread to the rest of my lips and the cuts got so bad that I couldn't eat anything without my lips totally cracking and hurting a lot more. I tried tea tree oil and vaseline, but it turns out my lips HATE vaseline. They reacted pretty badly. I tried just applying Lip Medex (Blistex) but that just moisturized my lips and didn't make it worse, or better. I also tried monistat, but that didn't really make much of a difference either. I remembered that I had some 0.5 hydrocortizone left over from another skin irritation I had a couple years ago, so I tried that. Well I only had to use it for 2 days (applying it twice a day) and now all the cuts are healed, and I'm just applying Lip Medex to keep it hydrated so It can heal properly, and also get rid of the redness around my lips. I'm almost certain that by tomorrow morning it should be completely healed.

So in conclusion, there isn't one remedy that works for everyone. I definitely found this out in the past two weeks. It's all about trial and error. So to anyone who is dealing with AC, it really just takes patience, and trying different ointments, lotions, etc.

anyways, good luck! Hopefully my post will help someone :)

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I was suffering from redness and cut on the corners of my mouth for over 2 weeks. I tried Neosporin, salt water, listerine, and non-floride tooth paste. nothing works. I was getting frustrated and depressed. During my scheduled doctor's appointments yesterday, I told my internist about it. He presbribed Hydrocortisone Valerate Cream USP 0.2%. this is the second day I applied the cream, and the lips are about 95% better. Everyone is different. I am glad this cream works for me.

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