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Hello all, I am 28 years of age and was officially diagnosed with GH a week ago. I have had the symptoms of 'bumps', discharge, chaffing, and shooting pain in mainly my left leg on and off for over 10 years. I started going to the GYNO (gynecologist) 10 years ago because that is when I started being sexually active. I have had roughly 6 sexual partners ( 2 serious) and honestly reading all of these posts it could be any one of them who gave it to me. I was only unprotected with the 2 serious relationships and I believe I know who it was that left me with this parting gift. Even though I have had the symptoms maybe two or three times in the past 10 yearsm, it still feels new because I was just recently officially diagnosed. Im trying to get passed it and forgive and move on but it is hard. My main concern is whomever my future husband is and my future kids. I dont want my future boo to not want to be with me because of this and I also do not want him to lie to me and give me something else! I also do not want to pass this on to my kids etc. I heard that there is something that one can take to keep from passing this on to their partners so if any of you know of what this is PLEASE let me know. I also want to thank each and every one of you for posting on here. I had no idea that so many strong, beautiful (in spirit cuz i cant see you all lol), intellegent women were living with the same thing as me. Praying for you all and God bless.

Ps. I believe that using towels soaked in boiling hot water whenever I shav and just randomly helped with the OB's. It shrank them quickly and also mad them less occuring. I also believe in what a lot of you are saying, eating healthy, excersizing, and trying to stay stress free also contribute to fewer or no OB's. Stay blessed you guys,,,like I keep telling myself it could have been worse,,

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I have just had my second ever breakout in 14 years, i contracted genital herpes from my partners coldsore on his lip whilst performing oral sex.


@Pushing4word - Hi I saw your comment Im not to sure if you have been told about Famvir Tablet 500mg.
If you dont currently take it I would go to doctors when you can and get a prescription. You take 1 x 500mg once a day or 1 x 250mg twice daily.

I take the 1 x 500mg as prescribed by my doctor only because I am forgetful at the best of times, 1 is hard enough to remember and its not something I want to forget to take.

From when I was diagnosed with GH up until I started Famvir, (4 months) I kept geting outbreaks, mainly because I went into a bad state as Im sure everyone does at firat and due to My immune system crashing The GH becomes active.

Once I started the medication it stopped all together and I did have unprotected sex with my partner of that time (when I was taking the meds and my imunne system was good again). I didnt want to have unprotected but after being with someone for a certain time they will get suspicious if you dont want to and i didnt have the guts to tell him. Any way moral to this story is he never caught it. However,

The shit thing still even with those pills, is apparently the virus can still become active without showing no symptoms what so ever. I think they say that to cover there selves but you never no.

Thats what I hate most about it I think Is not knowing if its active and the guilt that you instantly feel when your partner get a cold and has a sore throat or gets the flu and his glands swell. I was always panicing over silly things because all that goes through your mind is your first outbreak and what symptoms you had and if his got it now. What will I tell him etc..

Never have unprotected sex after a big weekend out on the alcohol or party drug. If you can its best to stay away from it all together as your more inclined to get an outbreak when your immune system is off guard.

Im still learning to cope with excepting I have it I was diagnosed at age 20. almost 2 years ago. I caught it from my boyfriend at the time, it turns out he knew he had it but didnt care to tell me. He is sick in the head I wish i saw it earlier. he thought once i caught it i wont want to be with anyone as no one would want me resulting in me staying with him for ever. WRONG!

I still cant bring my self to telling anyone, I find now Im not wanting to have sex with anyone and im okay with that for now but Its sad to think what will happen when i get older and want a family and a husband...


I have had this for about 4 months and this is no joke but I find that taking Allergy relief help the itchy and epsom salt bath help

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