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Hello Ladies, I previously was diagnosed with BV in July of 2012. I knew that something was wrong as I had the symptoms for a year prior my diagnosis. As everyone else I was so embarrased and didn't understand what was wrong. I thought that I had yeast infections so I kept buying the over the counter treatments. I would buy douche kits but it was a temporary fix and the odour and irritation kept coming back. I am in a monogamous relationship for the past three years and we have a healthy sex life. My boyfriend never really said anything although I noticed the smell all the time. One night just before we were going to have sex he brought it to my attention. I wanted to die, I was embarrased and humiliated. He tried his best to explain it gently but I wanted to crawl under a rock. I searched the internet for a diagnosis and that is when the BV came up. I immediately went to my doctor, of course he insisted that it was a yeast infection so I went another round for a yeast infection. In july I ended up in the hospital because it became painful. They did the blood work and I was diagnosed with BV. I looked on line for treatment and read through all the homopathic remedies because I firmly believe that homeopathic rememdies work the best. You just have to find the combination that works best for you. I did find one that works. It is a 7 day treatment. You douche with equal parts of distilled water and hydrogen proxide twice a day, I purchase the acidohphilus suppositories at a health food store and started taking folic acid. This worked immediately and the odor was gone as well as the irritation. I recently noticed an odor again and I thought omg not again. I become extremely anxious but instead of ignoring it I thought I just do the same treatment as I did before and it is gone. I think that it is something that you have to live with. I found that once it returned and I followed the same routine as I did previuosly it went away again.

My hope is that by sharing my story it will help someone who is going through the same thing. I know how difficult this is and how it makes you feel shameful but I believe that it can be controlled. My story confirms that.

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OMG! I want to know what our fellow women did back in medieval times|?
There were no anti-biotics, and people were generally more healthy. i use to be the person who went to the doctor for every lil thing. I've spent so much time wasted in the doctors office, and money on prescriptions, it's ridiculous!!!
It's plain and simple, keep the area clean and dry, avoid soap, wear loose white cotton underwear, avoid swimming, baths, hot tubs or intercourse during an infection, stay away from carbohydrates, and SUGAR!!!
Sugar is my biggest problem and promotes yeast, and candida to multiply, so stay away ladies.
ummm, tea tree oil, and cocunut oil are great for relieving the itch and killing bacteria and natural. Folic acid and probiotics are great :)
eating organic natural yorurt and douching with it is great. Drinking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with mother every morning is fantastic, u can also apply with a cotton ball on the vagina and inside.
Im officially trying the garlic methode lets see if it works :)
hope this was useful, God girls really don't have it easy, and drink lots of cranberry juice and mint tea and water.


I wonder that you may should keep up your treatment for a longer period past the relief of symptoms to eradicate it for good. That is the case with using antibiotics.


In reference to the first comment: In medieval times people were not generally healthier! Life expectancy was much lower and if one lived to be 40 they were lucky. I am sure there were a lot of people that died from simple bacterial infections. There are countless accounts of people suffering and dying from what we think of as a simple condition, vitamin C deficiency. Surely if vitamin C deficiency was an issue, so was BV.

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