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I have had RLS for years. I had an injury to my back about 6 years ago & had been taking pain meds, which masked the irritation & I slept fine. I finally had back surgery & have now been off pain meds for 2 weeks. However, over these last 2 weeks, I can't sleep more than 1 1/2 - 2 hours solid without waking up extremely agitated from my RLS. I don't want to go back to pain meds, do I asked my 92 year old grandmother if she still is bothered by it and she said she hasn't been bothered by it for a long time because she drinks 5oz. of Tonic Water at night. She says the Quinine in it is what gave her the relief. Now I tried to drink it years ago & immediately gagged because it is not a pleasant taste by any means, but i also know that any of you that suffer at night, as I do, are willing to try anything. Tonight I will be giving it a try in hopes of getting some sleep. I plan on holding my nose & drinking 5oz each night for the next week so I can tell if it will work for me. Even if it doesn't work for me, I figured I'd post this in case it does for someone else.

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Let us know if it works!


I have RLS every night and like everyone, from time to time, I also get leg cramps. I do not think they are the same thing. If they are not the same thing, then the tonic water has no effect on the RLS. Apparently in the past, Drs have prescribed quinine for leg cramps. I have heard that the amount of quinine in tonic water is insufficient to have any effect on anything anyway and that if tonic water works, it is because of the placebo effect. In any case, my question is Can anyone make a case for leg cramps and RLS being the same or at least connected by anything other than that they both effect the legs?


I am taking Mirapex for my RLS,started at one pill a night and over 12 years I an now taking 3 pills a night. Sometimes they work consistantly and then once a month or 6 weeks they suddenly stop working for a few days. It torture. Does anyone have this happen to them?


Try adding lime or grenidine to the tonic water. Or any other natural fruit juice. Maybe pomagranit even. I like it with just a wedge of lime. The quinine is an antiinflamitory that can help. Also aALWAYS STAY AWAY FROM CONSUMING ANT YAO WATER.


my husband has had SEVERE leg cramps at night. he has been drinking tonic water for the past 6 months and has had great relief. it's worth a try.

Joyce Knake

I have had this malady for some years but it has definitely gotten worse after a bike/car accident that broke my leg. The tonic water helps me, I take 3 swallows along with the rested legs. It helps a lot.

Yvonne Watson

Try wrapping an electric blanket around your legs It should stop the jumping in about 20 minutes


you can get leg cramp pills at the drug store that also have a sleep aid in it. the pills are quinine. they put me right out and I don't wake groggy


I drank the tonic water too and it worked until I got reflux acid from drinking it, now I take meds for it. They work but hate to take them everynight so wait till it starts and then take them. Don't have it every night, just once in awhile..

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