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Bob Bircher

I suffered with acid reflux for a long time until I realized that good old Jif creamy smooth peanut butter was the best treatment for me. If I felt like it was going to bother me, I would take a spoon full or two before I went to bed. If I did not take it before laying down and started having a problem I'd get up and take two spoons full and be fine for the rest of the nite. I hope this helps some of you as it did me.

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I taking Nexium many years and for me is the best medication to treat acid reflux! If you want more info about nexium look here


I actually tried the remedy (peanut butter) and it didn't take it completely away, but it did subside quite a bit. Thanks!


Amazing! I just came across this info after having reflux so bad that I vomited. After two small spoons of peanut butter, the burning on my throat is subsiding and I no longer feel like I have a fire breathing dragon in my chest. I don't feel 'normal' but I do feel better. I might be able to go back to bed!! Thanks! :)


Helped very much. Thanks!


Thank you to the Nexium Spokesperson...for the website too! Hmmm...I wonder why you would come on this website when you have something that WORKS for you? Mmmm HmM...I caught you commenting on a couple of these post pushing your pharmaceutical stuff that I'm purposely trying to avoid, visit to the 'MY HOME REMEDIES'website! NOW, a real THANKS to Someone like ME...I WILL try your remedy! Thanks for the HOME REMEDY tip! ;)


Thank you! Thank you! A million times THANK YOU! Peanut Butter helped! (And is definitely the best tasting of the home-remedy suggestions! ) s

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