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DRY SKIN ON YOUR FACE ? I had it so bad it looked like Bee stings on my face. USE SUGAR !
It worked in less than a week , once a day rub the sugar on the effected area while in the shower (stay away from hash soaps that dry out the skin). After rubbing the sugar, continued my bath, when I was done , I Washed off the sugar with a Johnson's Baby Bar Soap ! Its great for the face. This worked and cleared it completely , jus before it went completely away I used St. Ives Body lotion -Oatmeal & Shea Butter on the areas and now its completely smooth and flawless !

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Ms. T

Don't EVER use bar soap on your face. The same things that create the bar are the very things that cause dryness and irritation. Just because it says 'Baby' on the label, it doesn't mean it's good and doesn't mean it's intended for facial skin. Avoid also anything with fragrance-it's a reason many suffer from allergic reactions to soap or products for face and body.
Why are you recommending a name brand skin lotion-I thought this was a forum for home remedies. I'm assuming that means natural things from your home....not store bought. Pass on this one.


Nice remedies but since years I have been using parachute products and happy with it. In winters, I use parachute advansed body lotion and in summer months, I use parachute summer fresh body lotion. They are ideal for dry skin. I love it and so will you if you try!


Just use the olive oil lotion found on the classic sugar boutique website. The owner lives in Arizona and knows all about dry skin. The olive oil cleared the problems I had on my face in about 2 weeks. I think it's called


I using special dry skin moisturizer (see review of and just purchased humidifier.

Gillian John

For winter use moisturizers which will help you to keep your skin moisten along with that your skin should not become oily..I mostly prefer products which are made up of organic products..

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