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I have suffered for two nights because of a hole in my back tooth. I have no magic creams and limited prices as I haven't been shopping yet. What worked for me was taking 1 dihydrocodeine 30mg and 2 ibuprofen 400 mg each for the long term help. For fast relief I swilled my mouth out with very salty warm water then dipped a very small ball of cotton wool into my salt bath and pushed it into the hole. Left it there for about 5 minutes by biting down (was painful) then removed. I must of moved the nerve as I finally feel pain free for the first time in days and will now catch up on my missed sleep before work tomorrow. Hope I can help atleast 1 person out there with this :-)

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I've tried the salt water thing honestly and the only thing it did was put me in EXTREME pain.


Ya I'm sorry but salt and open wounds = pain and iritation! It may heal wounds quicker but in this case its a bad idea

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