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I am a 26 year old male who has had genital warts for about a year. I contracted them from my now ex girlfriend who never told me she had them. As you could imagine I was devastated. I went the typical route of seeing a urologist. He had recommended a couple different treatments: freezing them off, using Aldera cream, or doing the surgical procedure where they burn them off. I opted for the freezing. Yes it was uncomfortable as it is awkward having someone else freeze something off of your shaft. The method though is very effective. My largest warts turned black and fell of within a few days. I did have to have several treatments to rid myself of all of them. I am currently dealing with my 3rd outbreak. I had treated the previous 2 with freezing. Because of my profession it is extremely difficult to get to the urologist this time of year. That is when I stumbled upon this site. I had read claims where using Apple Cider Vinegar (acronym ACV) was really effective in eliminating these little nightmares. I figured why not give It a shot. I had about 12 very small warts and 2 larger ones, 14 in total for those of you counting. I purchase Heinz All Natural Apple Cider Vinegar, Shop Rite brand sterile gauze pads (latex free), and 1/2 inch waterproof adhesive tape (shop rite brand). The whole treatment cost about $8, compared to freezing at roughly $300 a visit. So Day 1 I washed my hands and penis thoroughly, and then poured the ACV onto a plastic plate and soaked the gauze pads. I then rang them out so they were still damp but not dripping wet. My warts are all around the base of the shaft so I folded the gauze to the appropriate width and wrapped it around the shaft using the waterproof tape to secure it. Make sure that it is wrapped pretty firmly. I put it on at 11:30 p.m and removed it when I woke up the next morning at 7. The first night was a cooling sensation, with no burning. When I woke up the next morning I was shocked. All of the warts turned white and the biggest ones had reduced in size. Day 2 I did the exact same thing with leaving it on the same amount of time. The second night did burn, I won't lie. It hurts exactly the same as freezing them off though. The pain is the same but ACV lasts longer. I woke up after the second day and a majority of them had turned black indicated that they were dead. The lower part of my shaft was quite red though. I would say that 10 of 12 are dead, and hoping that the treatment tonight takes care of them. I will post again with updates.

Now I want to talk about the relationship side. Tell your partner. I felt so betrayed I can't even begin to tell you. I have found that you are much more respected if you are honest. It helps if you are clear of an outbreak when you tell them, as it makes you look even better when admitting when you're clear. Anyway I hope this helps someone out there. Take care and keep your head up.

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Have read a lot of posts I relate with yours the most. Just about a week ago started getting bumps and turned out to be GW and got it from my ex who also never told me she had it. Haven't started treatment yet going to today. But I like the advice of clearing up and telling your partner. No one should have to go threw this if they don't have to.


There is a chance your ex girlfriend didn't know she had it. People can have HPV for years and not show any signs.

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