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Nothing seemed to work for my 'p'. The prescribed ointments the dr gave me only gave minimal relief. Never took it away. I started going out to the desert. Lake Havasu actually. After every weekend I went I noticed it got better and better and finally went away and never came back. I couldn't go as much as before and after 10 yrs of being free, it came back 3 days ago. I tried the baby butt cream from walmart but no relief. Now I'm popping zinc and gonna get some vitamin d today, to try to hold my 'p' off until spring, then I'm heading back out to the lake. I want to thank thankful and the rest of you for posting and trying to help others. For the ppl that get on here and YELL at the rest of us, you guys can kiss my psoriasis free @$$! Who are u to yell at the ppl on here that are trying to help out perfect strangers. Get off your soapbox and be civil. If I wanted to be yelled at I would talk to my wife.

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hi tg- just a recommendation but sunlight on the skin produces vitamin d3. you may want to look into that form. i care very much about helping people too but some remedies are harmful like windex and babies butt aid. some concerned bloggers are just trying to make people aware that it's not a consequence free solution. as long as your aware that babies butt aid contains excessive amount of lead and cadmium and no longer can be shipped to california then great at least you know. this way a person can look it up for themselves and see if the benefit/cost is worth it to each individual based on their own risk tolerance. knowlege is power. wishing you the best.


Hey there. Saw that you were a bit clearer after a Lake Havasu visit. Having lived and growing up on the 'River' (Mohave Valley) I Wanted to comment. Your 'P' clearing up may have been due to drier climate along with more Ultraviolet rays from sun exposure. Desert sunshine is a bit more intense, due to no folige to break it up and that adds to a bit more reflection. I have had a dear freind come to the desert for years to sunbath to get rid of her 'p'... she even used to tan allot in tanning salons for this purpose.

Best of luck.


I have suffered with plaque like p for fourteen years I have tried everything and the closest I ever got to being p free was one summer I skied on lake Macquarie nearly every day some days for an hour, some days for 6 ( for ten minutes at a time taking turns with four others). Sun and salt water definatly works best for me, but it is very hard to sustain this sort of method without lots of friend who have nothing better to do then go surfing

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