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I tried most of the suggestions listed. Some worked okay but were very temporary. Had been taking 200mg Ibuprofen 3 at a time. Still wasn't working very well. Takes a while for it to work its' way to the toothache. So I figured I would try something different. Crush the Ibuprofen tablets into a fine powder. Wet a Qtip with cold water and roll it through the powder. Place it between your cheek and gums next to the affected tooth. Works alot like chewing tobacco. Your gums absorb the medication much faster and it seems much more effective.

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Wow , I have to have my tooth pulled put and I have about and hours sleep every night and as I am only 13 that is bad, I tried this and almost instantly the pain was gone :)))) thanks sooooo much !!!!


I also tried this after I was laying in bed in terrible pain and this has completely worked at least for now. :) TY

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