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Sugar works wonders for leg cramps. Just dissolve a spoon full of sugar in your mouth. Cramps will be gone before the sugar dissolves. I keep packets of sugar on my nightstand just for this purpose.

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It will increase the sugar level

Veno DosSantos (

What happens if you are Diabetic? You maybe compounding one problem to treat another...
I don't think it's such a good idea.
Why not eat a couple of Bananas? They provide all the necessary Potassium and natural sugars that the body needs and can use, without side effects.


Your comment was a Godsend!
It totally worked!
I am sharing this trick with everyone I come across!
Thank you so much!


This works for me immediately, when I have hiccups. Whether I use sugar or a substitute like Splenda, it still works. So, for those with a sugar level concern, use a substitute. Now, I am going to try Splenda for cramps. (Tried salt, but had to take way too much to no more salt for me.) I REALLY hope it works because my cramps are SO painful!!


Then you go to wash your teeth and think of sugar spikes.

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