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I have suffered with Psoriasis for 15 years now, I am 20 years old (female)I have Psoriasis on my knees, legs, arms, scalp and back. I recently looked online for a home remedy for Psoriasis, since creams and ointments from the doctors just seem to spread my condition. However, I have discovered a CURE for Psoriasis! I put this remedy together myself just by using things I found in the kitchen.

HOME REMEDY (apply once a day)-
All you need is:-
A small bowl
Bicarbonate of Soda
A body cream (which contains, cetearyl alcohol, sodium and citrus)

-Mix all the ingredients together until you get a kind of paste texture.
Take a knife and spread the mixture onto the plaque area (almost like spreading butter)
Leave to dry for about half an hour, then gently brush off the mixture with a paper towel.

I have been using this remedy for about a week now and my Psoriasis is just about cleared up! Remember, apply once a day!

I hope this works for you as it did for me :) x

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Hey, this sound like a good idea. Can you please tell me the name of the body lotion you use. Do you fill the bowl with water? How much salt? 2 or 3 tea spoon? how much biocarbonate soda 2 or 3 tea spoon? and finally how much of the body lotion.

Sorry for asking in so detail but i really want it to be exact as yours :) sorry for the trouble.


Do you mix it with your hands? or the knife?


I am trying this mixture without actually measuring the salt and sodium bicarbonate, and the lotion I found which contains all 3 ingredients is 'Eucerin Daily Protection'. This is my second day using it and I have to say it is working fantastically. It's a little messy waiting for the mixture to dry, and definitely be gentle taking it off so as not to make the area itchy, but I notice a difference already, and I'm thinking after a week I'll have the same great results. Its important of course not to pick at the plaque, but I find if I exfoliate my feet look, and feel better. I noticed the red dots which usually take a few days to dry up and turn brown, actually turn brown by the time I take the mixture off!! I wish I'd known about this homeopathic remedy years ago.

I read a post where someone said Epsom salt worked for them. Well I had tried it prior and knew, not only does it NOT work for me, but it was actually burning my feet (PPP) so much I had to soak in plain water to cool all,I'm saying is try this mixture with the sodium bicarbonate (which is baking soda)... It's simple, and for me too was effective. Good luck


Did this treatment work for scalp psoriasis? I have been struggling with this since I was a child and have had no luck with dr treatments. Any suggestions?


This treatment been doing wonders for me. However, i just take a shower when i need to remove the cream once it is dry instead of cleaning with paper towel. I noticed that my body becomes very dry after that. i then use some body lotion. am it doing the right way?

Matt Dallas

Kelly/Judy please details the ratio of this mixing. Thank you


i tried doing this but it doesnt get a paste texture. what salt exactly was used and how much of everything needs to be used


I tried this for my father (83). I am really concerned because he has plaque on his back and stomach and he said he can't walk because it hurts.


Ok it's been 2 weeks since I started this mixture:
I find it works really well. I no longer have any plaque, itching urges, the skin color is returning to normal, but I do find if I stop for more than 2 days new spots reappear near the cleared up ones. I don't really measure any of the ingredients since Kelly didn't say what the proportions should be, and I use table salt since the list didn't say which kind to use. If Kelly knows the exact proportions, and ingredients (ie. table salt or sea salt, and the brand of lotion) then the mixture could be more accurate. Also I wonder if this is something I'll have to do for the rest of my life since new spots do reappear. But either way I'm grateful that my 'p' is clearing up and I stopped it from spreading further.


is baking powder and bicarbonate of soda the same thing??
can any one tell the name of the any other cream coz i cant find this at my location

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