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Lamisil Cream + Rubbing Alcohol: This saved my toenail!

I must have gotten toenail fungus from walking through cornfields in wet boots in 2006. Since then, I've tried the ACV soak and oral Lamisil, both of which seemed to help slightly but didn't cure it. Last year, I was talking to an acquaintance who is a chemist, and she told me that Lamisil used to make a cream product for toenail fungus but they pulled it a number of years ago. She had researched the formula and told me essentially to mix Lamisil OTC cream (the kind for athlete's foot) with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol). I modified this a little bit and this method did cure my toenail fungus, albeit slowly.

Lamisil OTC cream (note: the label says NOT to use the product for nail fungus, but I didn't see why not, plus most of us are pretty darn desperate. It seemed safer than bleach.)
Rubbing alcohol (either 70% or 90%, can't remember what I used)
Cotton balls
Party balloons (yes, you read that correctly)

First, I'm sure you are wondering about the party balloons. Essentially, these act as a mobile foot bath so you can soak and do other things around the house (I wore flip flops). It also cuts back on the amount of product you need for soaking.

Here is the procedure: Cut the toenail down as far as you can (filing if needed). Next, take one of the party balloons and blow it up to stretch it out. Deflate the balloon and cut most of the neck off. (The little bit of neck remaining will create a tight seal for the soak.) Next, squirt a little bit of the Lamisil cream on the infected toenail. Then rip a cotton ball in half and soak it in the alcohol. Place the soaked cotton ball over the toenail + cream. Then stretch the neck of the balloon over your toe, enclosing the toe inside the balloon. Make sure the balloon is snug but not cutting off your circulation.

I did this soak about 1x a day for about 1 hr, for a few weeks. Once I accidentally fell asleep during a soak, which I do NOT recommend. The more you soak, the better the results. It did take a long time for the healthy nail to grow back in, but that's only because toenails grow so slowly. I hope you try this and that it works for you!

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Katie you fungus in a balloon has worked better for me than anything.
It has caused the skin around my toenails to peel.
Any suggestions for this? I have to stop for a while because the skin start to hurt. Then I start back again.


I've found with using topical treatments soaked in a cottonball, that a finger cot rolled over top, keeps the treatment in place comfortably. I imagine this to be easier to manipulate than a balloon.


I’m going to try this, thank you for sharing!


I was the one who posted in May 2018 that I was going to try this, I just decided to use the cream instead. Put it on my toes every morning and wrapped infected toes with it with a bandaid (5) toes, and the rest I just applied the cream without a bandaid and put my socks on, at night I’d wash my feet with soap and water, wait for them to dry and apply the cream on all toes with out bandaids using a Qtip, and put new socks on, it is now January 2019, been wearing a new pair of shoes, getting rid of the old ones and my nails are fine, the fungus is GONE. ( I had also filed down two of the Five infected nails about once a week, because they were very thick and then applied the cream and bandaids) I have tried sooooooo many other things the last 3 years but this worked, even the pills which the doctor took me off after a blood test. Make sure you disinfect your nail clippers in hot water for 20 minutes ( I had 10 pairs, one for each toe) hope this helps, God bless :)


Oh I started this last April 2018 and started wearing new shoes Monday the 14th of January and it is now Sunday , no sign of the fungus, which would normally show back up with without treatments within 2 days. I was going to treat if for a year just to be safe but I didn’t need to. Good luck and I hope this helps, thank you so much to the original poster, it worked!

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