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Lamisil Cream + Rubbing Alcohol: This saved my toenail!

I must have gotten toenail fungus from walking through cornfields in wet boots in 2006. Since then, I've tried the ACV soak and oral Lamisil, both of which seemed to help slightly but didn't cure it. Last year, I was talking to an acquaintance who is a chemist, and she told me that Lamisil used to make a cream product for toenail fungus but they pulled it a number of years ago. She had researched the formula and told me essentially to mix Lamisil OTC cream (the kind for athlete's foot) with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol). I modified this a little bit and this method did cure my toenail fungus, albeit slowly.

Lamisil OTC cream (note: the label says NOT to use the product for nail fungus, but I didn't see why not, plus most of us are pretty darn desperate. It seemed safer than bleach.)
Rubbing alcohol (either 70% or 90%, can't remember what I used)
Cotton balls
Party balloons (yes, you read that correctly)

First, I'm sure you are wondering about the party balloons. Essentially, these act as a mobile foot bath so you can soak and do other things around the house (I wore flip flops). It also cuts back on the amount of product you need for soaking.

Here is the procedure: Cut the toenail down as far as you can (filing if needed). Next, take one of the party balloons and blow it up to stretch it out. Deflate the balloon and cut most of the neck off. (The little bit of neck remaining will create a tight seal for the soak.) Next, squirt a little bit of the Lamisil cream on the infected toenail. Then rip a cotton ball in half and soak it in the alcohol. Place the soaked cotton ball over the toenail + cream. Then stretch the neck of the balloon over your toe, enclosing the toe inside the balloon. Make sure the balloon is snug but not cutting off your circulation.

I did this soak about 1x a day for about 1 hr, for a few weeks. Once I accidentally fell asleep during a soak, which I do NOT recommend. The more you soak, the better the results. It did take a long time for the healthy nail to grow back in, but that's only because toenails grow so slowly. I hope you try this and that it works for you!

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Thanks this sounds a little nuts but aleast its better than some others.


I've been doing this for about two weeks now and it's working pretty good. I've tried the decolorized iodine, Vicks vapor rub, many expensive over the counter treatments and this by far is showing greater results than any of the others. Thanks so much, I'll be more cofident in sandals this summer.

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Great, I really hope this works for you. I am terrible at consistently applying treatments, so I was thrilled when this worked. My mother couldn't believe this worked (she has toenail fungus too), so I'm hoping she will try it.


A cheap, but very effective way to get rid of toenail fungus is to soak your toe in good, old fashioned HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!!! You can buy HYDROGEN PEROXIDE at practically any drugstore.


After trying a half a dozen over the counter and home remedies You have finally gotten rid of my toe fungas!!! Thank you. Now my toes are ready for summer. I cut back my nails and filed them down as thin as possible and only after 3 weeks I am FUNGAS FREE. Your remedy is awesome!

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That's wonderful news! So glad this is working for you.


I can't file down mine, there is a sensitive spot (nerve) just under the top, and if I barely file it, it starts bleeding... anyone else have this? I got my fungus after stubbing my toe at water park, stayed at the park the rest of the day, nail fell off, and grew back this way.


Answer to the sensitivity under your nail; yes, I had that happen when my issue first started. There was a time (again in the early stages) where my (big) toe would ooze and bleed. It was painful to even wear shoes. The fungus literally ate a small hole in my nail where it oozed and then bled. It does take quite a while for the any fungus to die, so if we want permanent results, we need to do what's necessary, just like antibiotics...can't stop when we start feeling better! Good luck with that sensitive toe! Everyone is different, but I never saw a Dr and in time, the infection dissapated and turned into a 'typical' fungus nail. I am now using a dremel to take my nails down as close and I can get to skin, where I can see the black that I was unable to see for years and am hoping for results Going to try the ACV & peroxide.


What is the name u used of the cream?
You said they dont sell it anymore so im having trouble here


Use the Lamisil cream meant for athlete's foot and mix it with the rubbing alcohol. This essentially replicates the cream for tonail fungus that is no longer sold.

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