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The number one way to cure smelly feet is to take a Zinc supplement.....hands down. I take 100 mgs a day in the morning and my issue disappeared overnight. I tried everything out there (not joking on this), this was the only cure. Use saddle soap to clean smelly leather shoes on the inside and outside. This does an excellent job of restoring dress shoes. Also worth noting, use a anti-fungal powder called Quinsana. This helps absorb any sweat the might cause issues later. Cheers

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You cant take 100mg a day of zinc you can only take 15mg a day MAX or you willnhave severe health issues!


the 15mg cant be true it sold in the store with 50mg a tablet.


More than 50mg a day is really dangerous. In fact as much as 25 mg a day will make your body absorb little to no copper which you need. 100mg is foolish and dangerous

The recommended daily allowance is 11mg

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