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I just been researching page after page and myself just tried this salt and vinegar method and I earlier had combed and combed finding nothing and after the vinegar mix I hopped in the shower rinsed it off put a load of conditioner on and began to comb and found 7 tiny hatchlings so obviously this worked ut I now just read about forget all these things and get alcohol mix it with water in a spray bottle saturate your head wait 30 mins or more cover hair if you want then wash hair and whilst you have conditioner in it comb it first with big comb then a nitt comb apparentlt this is best also they recommend you vacuum and clean floors and spray round with the mix, they use this in drs and hospitals and its cheap

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how much water should be mixed with how much alcohol?


Rubbing alcohol???


Does your keyboard contain any punctuation marks?


Head lice can't survive anywhere but on your head, proven and tested fact now. Knowing the potency of vinegar or better known as acetic acid If you are going to use it make sure it's diluted or you'll damage your scalp in the process.

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