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I had asthma and allergy since birth. A horrible combo. For immediate treatment, I take Zyrtec to deal with allergy. Zyrtec reduce allergic asthma and can be bought over the shelf and doesn't need prescription. For chronic asthma, I take licorice, rooibos, and peppermint tea as they have anti-oxidants and anti-congestion capability. However, they do not cure asthma. My cure is ... a large jug of soy protein powder, the dietary supplement with low fat and dairy free and zero carb, from Trader Joe's. I pour two scoops for every cup of water. I have a shaker which mixes well. Why? It's because people with chronic asthma have very low magnesium level, which acts as natural anti-congestion and anti-inflammatory. Also, it has all vitamins and minerals needed for daily health. After drinking this daily for a year, I never used inhalers and tea ever since. Not even Zyrtec. It saved me loads of money. This is how I realized that asthma is about how your body need vitamins and minerals, not the treatment and prescription. I dunno why people and medical doctors overlooked such elementary healthcare. If you don't believe me, then prove me wrong.

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So can you tell me how much and how often you do the protein? I'm going to get some this morning. My asthma has been kicking my butt this weekend and I'm exhausted from it.


Now you say you did this for a year now? I am just getting symptoms now. I have allergies that have worsen and have now converted to Asthma should I try a nebulizer for emergency. I also have a pump and had a attack for the first time last week. I am scared of another attack so thought about going natural do you recommend any other natural remedies?
Thank you


You have to be very careful with soy.It is one of the allergy sensitivity foods that also may trigger an attack. I too switched to soy and it only made my asthma worse. Look on line and you can find other sensitivity foods that may aggravate your asthma. Now I'm on the hunt to remove any sensitivity triggers.That is different than being allergic to something. Feel better:)


I was looking for a home remedy for my asthma cause I don't want to take steroids the rest of my life and didn't want to be dependent on rescue inhalers. I decided to try your soy protein powder remedy and it has worked. I've been using it for about 5 days so far and noticed a difference quickly. Lately, I've been having to use my inhaler at night and after starting the soy protein,don't have to use it. I only use one scoop with milk cause it tends to be very thick,like the ratio of powder and milk is off.But I have found if I put it in water,it cuts the thickness of it.It feels good to take a breath without struggling to breathe or wheezing. Thanks again.


Are there different types of soy powder. The one I found at walmart has 20 carbs..


Asthma is cause by inflammation of the trachea and bronchial tubes.
I suggest using anti-inflammatorys. Try cutting out gluten/wheat, legumes/ beans and diary from your diets as these are inflammatorys. Try taking fishoils as these are AI. Please beware of soy, if consuming soy be sure to use organic and gmo free.
Be healthy and when in doubt, google it. There are several natural/organic/non-gmo food sources to learn from.


Where do you but Traders Joe?

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burden of proof is on the one providing the claim. dumbass.


i had asthma since my childhood. I knw how much pain when suffring asthma. I spent many nights without sleep. As well i used hearbel medicine like galic honey. But it was not worked. My cure is urine therapy. Sure its disgusing. But i made my mind for it. I have been drinking urin for 6 mothns now. It is miracle. I dont need inhaler anymore. Dont belive me. Browse on internet. Read the book 'water of life'. plz do research u can cure asthma or any disease.

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