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Hey you all! Just found out New Years Day that I have G.H. This is my second breakout. I so happen to be using a natural body wash that has 'pepermint' in it. The next day I didn't feel anything where I noticed my breakout. Its an awsome body wash that I bought at Sprouts aka Henerys or Boneys. Anyway, pepermint has menthol which happens to sooth other things such as colds, aches and pains, and cold sores. Look up pepermint oil or pepermint. I think I may have discovered a homeopathic break through or relief. But, I do have a pain shooting down my left leg on the side where my breakout began. Nurse said its because the virus/sore lays on a nerve... Hum I got to research that more. Anyway, try pepermint oil or soap. Im using 'Alaffia African Black Soap pepermint' its called. Let me know what you think .....

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HeLLo! EvErYoNe oN THiS SiTe SeeMs CooL! AlL ThE SuGGeSTioNs HaVe BeeN HeLpFuL BuT BEiNg ImA PePPeRMiNt FReaK, I WOuLD LiKe A NaMe Of ThE BoDy WaSH B/C ANTi~BaCTERiaL (DiaL) BoDy WaSH DRiEs OuT ThE BLiSTeRs BuT SeeMs tO MaKe ThE iTCHiNg & PaiN INCTeaSE! I HaVe HaD My GH FoR APPRoXiMaTeLy 5 YeaRs Anarchy THuSFaR HaVe ONLY HaD (COuNTiNg CiTTeNT OuT~BrEaK ) 2 MeMoRaBLE ReCuRRaNCeS! I KNoW WHeRe I GoT iT AnD I HoPe HR FiNds OuT WHaT iT iS LiKe FoR A DiSMEMBeRMeNt!!! LOl

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