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Well i have had RLS for around 20 years and have never found any thing that would really help but 3 years ago my Dr. put me on ambien it helped for around a year then i started getting my RLS back then it became a fight every night trying to get to sleep. So then i thought if i take an ambien and have a few beers that would help and it did for while then it stopped working so then i just thought if i get drunk i can get some sleep and that didn't work so now i amd going to take gabapentin and am going to try some pickle juice and some french's mustard and a bar of soap i am getting tired of getting only 2 hours of sleep and some time i am even lucky to get that so lets hope

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Hi, ive been suffering from restless legs for about 6 years. It was by accident, being an epileptic that it cured my restless legs aswell. However only for a year. Good luck it working longer for you


1800 mg for a different issue hadn't helped my rls...


PLEASE be careful! Gabapentin is dangerous! I took it and nearly had to check myself into the psychiatric ward!


requip works for me. It is approved for RLS.


Its not the best route to take and you should be very careful taking it but my cure for RLS, very bad, not only legs but arms and upper back. Dr. prescribed Tramadol for my back problems and it took away all symptoms of RLS, I mean everything. For me its a wonder drug for RLS, for me that is, some it don't work for. Might be a way to go for those who have severe cases of it.

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