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I just want to add WHOLEHEARTEDLY how much the clove oil (or Eugenol as it is technically called) in the Red Cross toothache kit helped! I had my top 2 wisdom teeth pulled 6 days ago and ibuprofen was doing nothing for the never ending pain. I called the dentist and they gave me a syringe to irrigate the area. I stopped at the Walgreens next door and picked up the Red Cross toothache kit after reading about it on here. I immediately used it and the pain was nearly gone in 5 minutes! I will use the syringe to irrigate the debris but will DEFINITELY continue to use this for the pain. THANK YOU to everyone here who posted this rememdy!!

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Nuwagira goliath

Am cpl Nuwagira Goliath a soldier with UPDF and on 30th of January I went to aclinic called kasese health care centre in western Uganda . A dentist by the names of Muhindo Elly removed my tooth bt he was using un necessary force to do the work bt after some few hours I started feeling pain. And when I went bk, he told me abt the dry socket bt wt he did was to start another system as to make a clot. Bt I felt pain and started swelling. Bt am currently in Kampala at kent dental surgery where they hav worked on me well and am doubting whether this dentist is really proffetional or? Can I sue him in courts of lawas a way to save other people's lives? Is he realy licencesed to do that work? Advise me on thru am email or my numbers 0700910040 and 0788737374

jane st paul mn

Thank you ALL!! I had a upper tooth taken out on friday and was told my jaw has an infection.I was given antibotic,800ml ibuprofen..This didnot help the pain..Well today i returned to the dentist he said i have a dry socket to the bone.He half packed it with a gel which was tastless and didnot help relieve any pain.then he gives me a script for relief..i logged on here and saw ppl brag about the red cross kit...I wenr to walgreens it was less than $8.00...My pain has almost disappeared.And for us ppl who have to still smoke cover the area with alittle gauze as u smoke..If u get the clove smell on your hands wash hands with toothpaste it does help.Again Thank You All for your time and leaving comments.God Bless..

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