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I am 23 years old and I have had pretty bad acne since I was in my early teens.I thought that when I got into my twenties it would go away but it never did.I tried EVERYTHING but nothing worked.But three weeks ago at the grocery store I noticed an all natural acne treatment in the form of pills,so I bought it,and within one week my faced completely cleared up right in the middle of my period and we all know how acne can get during your period!I highly recommend this the name of this wonderful product is natures cure.

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Yeah during my period I get all pissy and mad at everyone around me, to say the least this really makes my acne flare up. Well After all these years of having horrible breakouts during my periods and slapping everyone in my family around, I found that a lobotomy was the only cure


Yeah this one worked for me! and the cream was a little kick in too if u broke out of nowhere or missed a dose.
I got it on sale for 8bucks and I NEED to buy it again.


actually, during my period (which is VERY irregular) my acne clears up


Well it could work and everyones different. But when ovulating our bodies are disinged to clear up and become more atractive b/c it's a 'sign' to the male that we're ovulating. For me it changes some times it gets a little better and others worse. And with day-to-day life these days our bodies dont work like they use to or should.

C Moore

what are the pills called?

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