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Marijuana helps with the flu. It relieves nausea, aches and pains, and allows you to eat.

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So? It works better than any OTC medicine, with the side effects that are helpful.


Yea and lets discuss WHY it's illegal. It's illegal because if it wasn't, pharmaceutical companies would lose MILLIONS of dollars. Hemp oil from the marijuana plant is known in other countries to CURE all stages of cancer. Our country is too greedy to legalize something that could lose them millions if not billions of dollars. Every part of the plant can be used to cure illnesses ranging from ocd and upset stomach to cancer of all types. As nbc would say, THE MORE YOU KNOW! I will continue that by saying, the more you know, the less you look like an ignorant asshat.


Elizabeth, I almost agree with you. The pharmaceutical companies would probably end up losing billions of dollars worth of annual sales, not millions. But that is not why it's illegal (in most states). Remember, the big pharmaceutical companies could extract the thc and put it in to pill form which would probably make up for the money they lost in other sales (if marijuana was not controlled).

Also marijuana does NOT cure any type of cancer. It can't even cure a polyp that might turn in to a cancerous growth someday. It helps boost the appetite of chemo patients, aids victims, and anyone else suffering from extreme weight loss due to not receiving enough food. Marijuana can help a lot with naseua, pain, and several other symptoms cancer patients might have. You said something about ignorant asshats? Welllll that was probably the most ignorant post I have ever read. Please do a little research before posting pseudo science nonsense all over the web.


You said some countries use hemp oil not marijuana, sorry. (Same plant)...but there is no natural cure for cancer, some other countries (not sure which you are referencing) also believe plenty of nonsensical crap. That doesn't make it true.


Its legal in Washington

C Ogilvie

Tried and tested! A+A+A+

C Ogilvie

Tried and tested, grade A only!


Marijuana has been proven to help cure cancer. Do your research people


Works great! Cured my chronic migraines and pain along with the nausea and loss of appetite. I live in Washington so it's legal and fun to get to go to the store and get it!

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