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I have to agree with a previous submission, orgasm is by far one of the best treatments for restless legs. Odd but true. It works on the same principle as most medications for RLS. It releases all sorts of happy chemical into the brain. Although remedy if you can't achieve orgasm for what ever reason (asking for help is always a favorite for my husband) a hot bath with Epsom salts (enough to make the water salty). The water also has to be as hot as I can stand it. This works to make the muscles fell better and stimulates the nerves just like exercise for RLS does.
It is important to note that a lot of RLS is drug induced. Antihistamines and anti-emetics can cause serious RLS. If you can avoid them. Phentagren (sp)does it to me every time. So does that sleeping and antihistamine ingredient that begins with a D. Another thing that works for me is an extremely strong massage of the areas that are a problem.
I am interested if anyone else has RLS that starts in the sacral plexis of the lower back right above the behind. I can feel it start there and sometimes move down into my legs. Other times it starts in the knees. Does anyone else have this? I very rarely get it in my thighs.

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The orgasm releases dopamine. Reputable sites identify low levels of dopamine as the cause of RLS. So if you are lucky, the orgasm increases dopamine levels long enough to allow you to get to sleep. The drug with a 'D' is diphenhydramine. Diphenhydramine is the active ingredient in Benydryl(sp), Tylenol PM and over the counter sleep aids. Dipenhydramine pretty much guarantees that I will not get to sleep until the alarm goes off and it is time to get up. Apparently some anti-depressants like cymbalta aggravate RLS. Yes a soak in hot water as hot as you can stand relieves the symptoms of RLS for a while. I am 53, I have slept on the floor for 25+ years because the hardness of the floor against the muscles in my legs is the only relief that I can find without prescription drugs. Even on the floor, I do not fall asleep until exhaustion hits in the wee hours of the morning. I think that the answer is go to a doctor and get meds, because only a prescription can address the low dopamine levels that cause RLS.


I have restless leg. I am disabled and have pain everywhere. Can't sleep as it is. With the restless leg I sleep even less. mine starts in the knees and sometimes even my left shoulder. I drink a couple of bottles of tonic water, take vitamin E, and have medication for nerve pain. Looking for more ideas. At a loss as to what to do other than prescription


Hi, Yes I get it in my lower back and it drives me crazy, I also get restless crotch (I really do) and orgasims do help. I don't mean to sound crude but there are things other than a husband to help with orgasims...I was desperate!
I get restless legs now early in the evening and I am going to try some thing I have seen on this site.
Thank you all...


I get most of my RLS in my knees. It starts there, goes up my back and then my arms. It's been a lot worse lately and I'm only 19. I've had it for years but have never gone to the doctor. It gets really bad sometimes to where I have to punch my knees to relieve the tingling.

Yvonne Watson

when your legs start dancing grab your electric blanket and wrap it around your legs. You should stop the jumping within 20 minutes


Lately my RLS has been really bad & I've had severe lower back pain. I had no idea that RLS could be associated with it. I also get restless arms. My aunt suggested about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before bed. I was looking for tips here first bc vinegar is just plain nasty! But at this point, guess I'm desperate!


Love this stuff. Orgasms,bars of soap, vitamins, and lets add one more. Cum its a cure all. At least that's what my husband says.


Yes I exactly that I get my Rsl feeling in my lower back just above my behind and it travels down the back of my legs and I comstantly have the feeling of wanting to jump out of my skin if I stay still!! Its the worst I hate it and my trigger is too much antihistamins or cold medicine. Makes me so crazy and It takes hours to fall asleep oddly enough the orgasms or a bike ride seem to help me.


My RLS SYMPTOMS START in my lower back,above my butt. I dont have the painful symptoms that I have heard about, just the total urge to stretch and move my legs. It feels like i will go crazy if I dont act on the urge...I have had the symptoms move into my arms as well; mostly when I tried using the prescription meds used for Parkinsons disease.


I started to get it in the back of my shoulders it is very scary as if taking over my body. This has been in winter months. RLS is such a horrible thing to go through every night.

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