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First of all I would like to thank to everyone who posted the remedy for athlete’s foot using tea tree oil. I cannot express enough my gratitude for your help!!!
Just as many people I followed my New Year resolution and signed up for membership in brand new gym close to my house. The pool, sauna and Jacuzzi was the main attraction for me, but after few visits I started to experience the worse discomfort ever in my life – athlete’s foot (and I’ve had 3 major surgeries in my life!!). The itch between my toes started 10 days ago and it was so intense I was waking up at night scratching my feet. I’ve bought the supposedly best product Lamisil in a cream and spray format (close to $40.00!!). I washed my feet 5 times a day and rinsed them in pure alcohol. Applied Lamisil cream, baby powder, Lamisil spray. But nothing was helping. It felt like it was getting worse. I even took a sick leave from work!! It was so bad!!
Then 2 days ago I found this web site and based on the recommendations I immediately ran to the closest drug store and bought Tea Tree Oil. I soaked my feet in hot water diluted with Epson salt and Baking Soda for 20 minutes, dried my feet with paper towel and applied hefty amount of TEA TREE OIL. So far I’ve done 3 of those cures in 48 hours and the itch is gone!!!!!
Based on the other research I’ve done on the internet the TEA TREE OIL seems to be wonder for any fungal infection, including nail fungus and acne.
If you suffer from athlete’s foot, please give this a try. A small bottle cost about $10.00 dollars, but in my case it was worth every penny.

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Ok, I was incarcerated for couple weeks or so about 7 years ago (nothing big, its been expunged from my record anyway)...well, I knew nothing about jail OR atheletes foot, so I didn't know that I was supposed to wear the plastic flipflops they give u for shoes IN the shower... After a week or so of showering in the stall without the flipflops, some girl said 'uh, you really should wear ur shoes in there. Atheletes foot.' okaaaay...I started wearing my shoes in there...
A few days later I was sitting on my bunk and my toes were it itching SO bad, I was using a sock to 'floss' between my big toe and second toe, trying to scratch them. A lady on a bunk looked down and said 'guuurl, you got you some athelete's foot.' I was in denial, saying 'no, my feet just itch.' I didn't want to be seen as gross or someone with poor hygiene.

After that, at home, it got worse. I tried the creams, sprays, everything.

Seemed to go away (or go dormant) for a while, then I moved from Oregon to Texas to live near my family. Texas is humid like you wouldn't believe, and that atheletes foot came right out and said 'I'm baaaaack!' with a vengeance.

I started noticing that wherever it itched, there was a tiny blister filled with clear fluid. So I'd take cuticle scissors and cut them open and drained them. The worst was that I started getting the most crazy callouses ever, on my big toe and my heel, cut to six years later and I'm having to use one of those Sally Hanson callous shavers once a week to have somewhat normal feet.

My boyfriend loves nice feet on girls so of course when I snuggle up to him he calls me sandpaper feet, ha.

The itchiness goes away for a month, comes back for two, etc. We adopted a puppy about 11
months ago and he goes crazy licking my toes and anywhere it itches. He can sniff it out I guess..

The past two weeks I've been soaking my feet in Epsom salt nightly. It makes my feet soft, but right now my right foot, on the bottom, is covered in open sores and scabs from me scratching in my sleep!

Finally I read these posts about tea tree oil. I'm veiry natural about herbs and extracts.

Just put the undulated tea tree on my feet, especially on the super itchy one - and it has stopped itching!

Ill keep posting to let y'all know how it u


where do you get the tee tree oil from


Gonna try. Just found a spot between my pinky toe. But it doesn't itch. Won't hurt to try anyway.

Thomas S Jr.

was this tea tree oil just a 1 time application? or how many times did ya'll try this, and how many times a day. i just cant take this anymore and i am embarrassed that i left it go this long and i feel self concious even going to a doctor. but this has got to go!!


Do you put tea tree oil directly on your foot or are you suppose to soak foot in water with tea tree oil?


I used tea tree oil and now it has gone from bad to worse with a rash on the top of my feet. I do not recommend it. Af for 6 months. Ive tried everything on this site. No relief except from rubbing monostat 3 on 2x per day along with acv soaks nightly. Only relief not at all cured.




I found a recipe online several years ago and used on my stepson, who had HORRIBLE AF.

Soak and wash feet in warm water, Then mix few drops of tea tree oil with Aloe Vera and massage into foot. Coat foot with Grapefruit seed extract and let air dry. Do this at least once a day, if not two -three times per day for 6 weeks. The skin will replace itself after 6 weeks. and WAla!! it will be gone!

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