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Have I found the cure?
Maybe. Read up on Xylitol, a natural sugar found in wood and corn cobs. It's like sugar, the gum (Spry) tastes just like Dentyne gum,,, no after taste either. And they are saying it can clean the mouth so much that it can kill a tooth infection. Something about how it wraps a shield around the bug about to attack your mouth,,, (body).
I read so much about this stuff I decided the very next time I get a boil in my groin I would try it.
Ok I started getting a boil in my groin about two years ago, (diabetic) 5 different times now, and they hurt so bad I could cry sometimes. I feel it, it's a bit painful and by that evening it's growing and getting quite painful... They next day it's burning and like a ripping feeling to walk, can't sit must sleep a lot. Usually about 5 days. The last one a few months back was several inside of one big one. I used every remedy under the sun that time and I ended up with a burn too, one of the remedies must have been too strong and burnt my skin. Turmeric, tea tree oil, you name it. That boil lasted me two weeks of hell.
So, 4 days ago I felt that nasty sore spot coming back. I cried. I remembered my promise to try this Xylitol. In the packets it looks like sugar. I shook some on a facial make up pad, stuffed it where the sun don't shine and waited. By evening the nerves around this sore spot were getting pretty sensitive and the pain was setting in but,,, the boil was smaller then when I first noticed it. I prayed I found the cure for at least when they happen,,, could still get them in future, right,,,
Anyway the next morning, about the time I would typically be feeling a fair sized lump and already find it hard to walk and would not be able to rest off my feet sept to have one leg resting on a stool,,, that mother was gone! No kidding, gone like the wind. Ok I am on day 4 and not one sign of it yet. I didn't have to go through the whole process of 5 to 14 days as I have gone through 5 times in two years, And,,, I have the sweetest smelling Peppy you could ever imagine.
It's not harmful in the mouth so it wouldn't be harmful in the groin or arm pit. If you read up on it and you trust my findings, please give it a try and let us know if this works for all of you... Might have been just my lucky day and it faded on it's own or I really stumbled on something. I hope for gods sakes it works for me again and I really hope it helps someone else. I know the pain and tears a boil brings, specially when it's not the first one and you know what in the days ahead.
Now this was a new boil about to get mad,,, so I don't know how well it would work on one already on the wild side,,, worth a try.
As for me, I am gonna mop little miss Peppy with a little sweetener after every shower,,, what a way to have a fun date huh, hahaha.
Anyway, here is praying we can end this madness. Thanks for reading.

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Me again,,,

Still no sign of it and the little pressure spot that always seems to stay right there after a boil has come and gone doesn't even seem to be there anymore.
Weird thing is once I had the first boil there I could always feel that little spot knowing one was gonna fester up at some point later again, right in the same spot. Each time being worse then the last... Oh man I hope this means the end of them returning.
I hope someone is trying this when they feel one coming on. We need to know if it is a real fix or not. Please let us know. I will be watching for someone to reply with results.

Me again,,,

Just another note. I said I was gonna use it after every shower and I am. Just a little on a cloth or something and wipe over the area that gets a boil and hope for none to return there again. So far so good. Yay!
So you are thinking, but everything like your gut, your nose, your groin area has it's flora balance, right?
If you clean a spot like that so often then the flora is off balance and your good bugs are not there to fight off other viruses and bacteria,,, right?
See here is the thing, Xylitol isn't supposed to be a bug killer,,, like antibiotics which kill good and bad bug. Most natural products kill bad bug only,,, but they are a balance too so we shouldn't kill all of them either,,, unless they are winning the battle and hurting us. It's all about flora, or balance. Some may clean an area to the point it causes us other issues.
Ok so here is the thing,,, the theory I am reading on Xylitol is it doesn't kill anything, good or bad. It has this other ability to wrap a sheath around the bad bug, letting it live and be passed through the body to waste eventually but it isn't able to stick to other cells where it would create a home and build it's army and attempt to destroy organs and such and make us sick.
Here is another thing, it's not a sugar like all other sweeteners, white sugar being a bath for bacteria and even cancers, and raising blood sugar counts in diabetics because it's a carb diabetics can't handle. Xylitol is actually a different kind of carb according to those studying it, so it is processed slower avoiding spikes in the BS count.
It's not a chemical like sweeteners meant to mimic sugar so we can have our fun food.
It's natural. It's a cleaning aid to the body in a way. Might help ward off many health issues we have coming our way.
Now you say 'but natural products are not studied this much so how do I come to this?'
Natural products do have a hard time finding money and people to study them unless it's a benefit to a government. Well in places like Finland I believe they have a free dental program for kids till 18 years of age. It was beneficial to them to study it because kids get most of their cavities then, less when they become adults,,, so they studied it. Seems they found they brought the cavity percentage from something like 78% in kids down to 30 some per cent. Obviously it didnt work a hundred percent for all or some kids dont listen well,,, So if this is all true then we need to study it more. And if it is us who has to do this by trial and error then we should do it. Those kids were told to chew a piece of gum with Xylitol after they ate, every time, plus usual brushing and flossing. So probably about 4 sticks a day. Less then 4 grams of Xylitol a day total. A packet of the sweetener for coffee holds about 4 grams each. Gum less then 1g each.
Xylitol can cause a diarrhea if taken too fast,,, so ease into it and try the gum first if you go after this idea. Then use a packet of the sugar a day if you have no issues and you like it. Then you might be able to take more but read on how much should be allowed in a day. I chew about 4 gum a day by Spry. And use one packet of the sugar like Xylitol in my huge bottle of water a day, no diarrhea yet. Oh and I use the packet stuff for this boil thing now too.
Anyway, this could be an amazing stuff for many reasons. Good luck with it if you try it. Read lots because it informed me and might have made me realize a whole new use they havent even mentioned yet, boils,,,


Where can i get x.....????


Okay, Sally, you totally just described exactly what I'm going through, and I am trying the Xylitol! The only difference is my boil is already pretty big and I really am just praying to the Lord above that this is gonna cure it. I have no desire whatsoever to go to the hospital. I've been though this there, and while their treatment was effective, it was a huge ordeal. So, *crosses fingers* I am praying that we've stumbled upon something here. At the very least, thank you for bringing me some hope.


ok, so i've been trying this for a few days, on a boil that was already quite big. it seems to have brought it to a head straight away but i'm not sure what to do now, i've just been applying it to the area twice a day, and haven't tried using anything else on it...

I'll post any results after a week and i'm going to carry on giving it a chance as i'm determined to see if it'll work.


Hope you continue to get relief

You may want to make sure that you don't have a Bartholin Cyst, that's what it sounds like and I am glad you got relief from the pain. They do hurt really bad.


Where do u get that Xylitol?? I have one in my armpit that is about half the size of a golf ball now!!


I see it available on amazon and at walmart...


You may have something. I was told my Russian grandmother, who was the local healer and midwife, used scrapings from the inside of a corn cob pipe to make a poultice for boils.


Be careful with xylitol around pets. It will kill dogs very quickly. If it kills dogs and other pets what is it doing to humans. Don't believe me.. Call pet poison control or your vet and ask what you should do if your pampered pooch gets into those sugar free candies that have xylitol. We nearly lost our mini Schneider. Many or most I should say don't make it. Just a warning about the negative affects. It isn't all it's cracked up to be. Btw I lost 75 lbs when i went off xylitol products. Most ppl do.

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