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Anil Saini

Just drink a glass of water! are hydrated and your body needs water

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it works


It doesn't work for migraines.


you must mean dehydrated?


serioulsy, this person must not have migraines or sinus headaches. I drink lots of water all day and still get bad headaches! plghghgh :)-


This person definatley has never had bad sinus headaches, drinking cold water makes my sinuses pound. Ughh painful.


Although it is a fact the most Americans don't drink enough water and think that they have headaches when they're just dehydrated, this isn't always true. I personally get migranes because I'm currently going through some changes, if you know what I mean.


This is not true! i drink water all day ev ery day and i suffer from severe migrains!! mine last for up to a week, with the same excrusating pain!!


IT'S HOME REMEDIES FOR HEADACHES, NOT MIGRAINES!!! READ THE BLOG BEFORE YOU COME ON HERE B*TCHING it doesn't help your migraine. If you have migraines, go to your neurologist and get nerve blocks, it's what I did and haven't had a migraine in 8 yrs!!! As long as you don't mind a shop to the back of the head! It wasn't that bad. I'd do it again if given the option for sure! MIGRAINE FREE!

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