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So I was 8 months pregnant with my son and I had only been sexually active with my son's father it was 3 days before my 20th birthday that I was having a hard time going to the bathroom felt like i was peeing glass it was so bad i couldn't do anything but cry and avoided peeing (keep in mind when your belly is huge from a baby inside its very hard to do ) the only way i found releive when having to urinate was going and sitting in the tub with water and then letting the water out and showering, I knew at this point something was definately wrong it hurt to do anything from sitting to walking so i called my OBGYN and went in for a visit, when she had examined me she was very very upset she had said I looked like a rape patient ( i had sex three days prior with my sons father) he had been sleeping with someone else as well as we were off/on again.... i explained the sex was a bit rough she then went on to explain that it looked like genital herpes that she would swab it and send it to the lab.... three days later I called them my 20th birthday and they had informed me it was infact genital herpes, I wanted to die at that point, so grossed out, betrayed, heartbroken can go on and on with all the emotions i felt at that very moment... my mom was there for me through it all. I was more worried about the effects it may have on my unborn child... at 8 months they started me on acyclovir just to make sure that i didnt have an outbreak, my sons birth went well and he was healthy thank god... and i have since had no outbreaks luckily ! and hope i never do... this topio is still a bit hard to talk about and i really dont discuss it to much with men because im scared of how they'll react, this doesnt make me a slut/whore or dirty person I like many others got it from someone they trusted and loved and was betrayed.... In the 3 years now that ive been diagnosed I find it hard to trust, but ive come to terms with the herpes unfortunately theres nothing i can do but just maintain a healthy lifestyle... I hope my story helps those who just found out... life doesnt end and you can still meet someone who will love you regardless of your flaws and if he CANT then he definately isnt the one for you ! :)

when i had my outbreak the baths, and squirting epson mixed luke warm water at the areas helped, for walking i used a bit of cream to lube the area so it wasnt rubbing and always wash your hands ....

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Thank you for sharing your story. Did you have a natural birth or a cesarian? I ask because I hope to have a baby myself. Hoping at least... :/


I have herpes and I was able to have a natural birth a month before my due date I was given valtrex the doctor said as long as there are no sores when I'm ready to give birth they will not resort to c section


Your strong just made me feel a little better. I am also pregnant and just want the best for my baby. Our stories are so much a like that its scary. I just hope and pray I can have a natural birth and can keep these out breaks uncontroll.


Your story is very similar to mine. I was pregnant too, and was diagnosed on my 23rd birthday. I contracted the virus over a year earlier, as a result of date rape. I am now 45. I have been dealing with this pain for over twenty years. Luckily my husband is very supportive. Mine seem to be worse during menstration, which just makes it even more difficult to keep the area dry.

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