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I am experiencing dry socket also. I've gone back to the dentist twice and couldn't go over the weekend. So I bought Red Cross Oral Pain Relief (extra strength) and it works just as good, if not better than the dentists remedy. I must say that the regular strength Red Cross Oral Relief tastes TERRIBLE and will make you salivate profusely, because it tastes so bad. Get the extra strength one, it tastes better.

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I wholly concur w/ what you said - I have a fear of dentist like you would never believe, so when this toothache kit worked for me, I have plenty of experience with using it. I will tell you, if you drink something sweet when you cannot stand the taste of the stuff anymore (after you drool it out in the sink), it works wonders. I believe it is the 'key' to dealing with the horrible taste of the stuff, AND getting your relief.

Further, since the eugenol works as a natural disinfectant, if you let the drool 'build up' in your mouth it will help 'clean out' other areas on your teeth you might not be aware of. Kind of a 'perq' if you will.

SO, my usual game plan goes as follows:
1. prepare size cotton ball and dip in the eugenol.
2. use tweezers to squeeze out additional oil
3. put dipped cotton into teeth holes (I have several unfortunately)
4. wait.
5. drool in sink
6. wait.
7. drool
8. drink 1 drink of pop or something sweet and room temp.

whole process 20 mins
it's important you don't do any MORE than maybe 2 drinks of sweet after the whole thing as it will wash off the eugenol relief.


Further, in conjunction with using this kit, also get yourself some Monolaurin and Aleve or its generic OTC. Monolaurin is coconut in pure form, in capsule. You can get it at any health food store. Make sure if you have brand choices get the one w/ the highest levels in the capsule form.

It is a system booster but it ALSO can be used for tooth type infections and sinus infections. I swear by the stuff. You gotta take it religiously but I swear I have saved over 2k in bills from ENT and dentists by using it.

Take 2 after each meal. It is important you do NOT stop taking it for 4 days. After 2.5 to 3 days, I will usually wake up totally pain free. My sister and a few others have used this after my recommendation and all 3 people now swear by it also.

As you know, ibuprofen does not touch dry socket pain mostly. I use aleve or general naproxen sodium.

I hope this helps someone else.


I just got the kit from CVS. I've been in excruciating pain since I've had 2 lower teeth pulled about 2 weeks ago. Now I've got dry socket in one of the holes. My question is... Do I leave the cotton pellet in the hole or do I take it out?? And how often should I do this?? If you want to email me about it... That'd be great, cause I'm new to this site & don't know if I'll get a notice when my ? Is answered. My email is Thank u!!!

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