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My mom takes vasoline, puts it on a metal spoon and freezes it for 15 minutes. Then she applies it to her eyes for a few minutes.

I have yet to try it but it might help someone else if it helps her. Let me know if you try it. :)

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I tried this and it did n0t work
'at all!!!


Everyone just stop arguement and focus on your skin!!! jeez, im gunna try this b/x i have bad dark cricles and watn them gone. I hope they work:)

someone with dark circles

this sounds like an excellent remedy and i think that if a remedy is this simple, why didn't i think of that???lol kudos on the help:)))


Everyone who called the commenter JK, I don't think those are her initials. I think she meant 'Just Kidding'. JK. So she was just kidding about that part which seemed offensive.

Ok, not that that helped any dark circles.....


ok, unsuspectingly I logged on to this site because I am having an issue with dark circles. Just trying to find what others have said about this remedy. Only to come across an foul language and ignorant remarks. Please think before you post comments that kids or young people could read. Not necessary and very ignorant to use language like that anyway.

Not Sure

haha i like the person who was offended because 'kids or young people might read this stuff'.
i think we can all agree, kids or young people should probably avoid the internet altogether. unless an adult is supervising or the particular kid has seen some sick shit in thier day and can handle whatever the internet has to throw at em.


Tyra Banks also said to use Vaseline ...Except she didn't say anything about freezing it on a spoon. She simply just said to apply some vaseline on your dark cirlces before going to bed every night.


OMG some of you people on here just need to chill the fk out, I mean seriously. Why would you freak out over someone saying a couple of cus words on a comment, and fyi 'jk' means 'Just Kidding' or 'JoKing'.

*and for those of you blondes at home, 'fyi' means 'For Your Information'


OK, so do you know what STFU means??
I am only interested in home remedies for dark circles, don't want to read childish banter.


And just because Tyra Banks suggests something doesn't mean that it will actually work. Lol, she is so light skinned that she shouldn't need to give advice on dark eye circles!!

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