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My mom takes vasoline, puts it on a metal spoon and freezes it for 15 minutes. Then she applies it to her eyes for a few minutes.

I have yet to try it but it might help someone else if it helps her. Let me know if you try it. :)

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If your outta vaseline use A&D baby rash ointment...if u look up the uses for vasoline and look at what A&D does they are used for the same thing and have the same active ingredient!! Haven't tried it yet but I'm going too


i am 16 and my eyes are naturally wide, So they have a little bluge underneat. But now with a lot of homework i stay up late and the bulge is bigger and is a lot darker. I am going to try this frozen vaseline and see the outcome.


I have dark circles under my eyes, so I'll try this one right now, I'll tell you how it goes!


im really bored at home right now . . and so i decided im going to take care of my skin . . and now im ab out to try this . . and if it doesnt work . . thennnn . . ill post another comment and let yu knw lol


im excited.
i have horrible dark circles under my eyes and am momentarily going to try this.
tomorrow is picture day at my highschool and i don't want to look half dead.

yo momma

okay i don't know how white people skin work but for black people vaseline make you dark as Shit@!! its only meant for the winter time not summer or the other hot season.thats why they invented lotion. so what make your think VASELINE is going to work!!
best remedy is to place cucumber on your eye for 10-15 mins and it help.!!!
k bye ( and if you offend by what i said up there^) don't be cuz it not racist and i'm not racist so fuck you biotch lol jk haha


JK I'm not offended by your ignorance I'm more so embarassed. I'm a black female also, but it didn't take all that to say the 5 words which made any sense in your comment. LOL on that, while I pray 4 U.


JK you are a total embarrassment!! You used the home remedy it did not work for you and all you had to say was, 'The vaseline home remedy did not work for me'. period! I am a black female and I am so disguted with your ignorant comment.


Jk you are not a black female. You're trying to make black people look bad, and you are making a fool out of yourself. Now, move on to the issue at hand and leave race out of this!


This did not work at all.

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