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becky richards

small amount of toothpaste on a qtip, rub on tooth and gum.... INSTANT RELIEF!! SEE DENTIST ASAP

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Does any type of toothpaste works?


Gosh that looks like that would hurt but ill try it


I tryed that it didnt work in so much pain


do i have to see see a dnestist ?


this def did not work

Melika Gillard

gonna try it now hope it work :(


All dis so calld remedy is not workin for me instead causin more pains for me,extractin of d teeth is d best,u guys should try it, it wil stop all pains for ever.


Omg instant u are a life saver this works beautifully im going to bed now thanks a bunch you rock my socks!!!!!


Worked for me thank god I also gargled peroxide too that helps thanks

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