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So I've been suffering from a HORRIBLE broken molar for a few days. I've tried everything I could think of til I can get into my dentist. Here's what I've discovered. BC powders work pretty good. A shot of whiskey (I used crown) held on the tooth numbs it fairly quickly an lasts longer than orajel. But pls do this RESPONSIBLY!! I also discovered that the cinnamon toothpaste works!! I took a dab of it an rubbed it on the tooth, in the tooth, an on the gums. Omg!!! RELIEF!!!! Seriously, that worked better than loratab 10s I had from a knee injury. They just made me loopy an nausea. Warm drinks (coffee, tea, cider, etc) also helped slightly. But the cinnamon toothpaste has been the best relief thus far. Took about a minute to work but I think its better than alcohol, pain meds, an numbing meds.
Good luck!

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