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Thought I'd contribute my experience so far with this s.o.b called h.s.v...

Had it for about 8 years now, type deux. I've never taken prescribed drugs as I don't believe in taking meds, unless absolutely necessary... like medical weed, sometimes that's necessary right?

What works: The aloe DMSO -which doesn't smell nice like the rose scented stuff, more like ass- works amazing if you keep on top of it at the pro-dome stage. Keep applying until there are no more symptoms, and if you feel them coming on again (they will sometimes even days later.. it's a stubborn s.o.b virus sometimes), apply more! This early DMSO treatment stops the OB from getting to the blister stage about 75% of the time (I've been keeping a journal for years now). FYI, I rarely apply it to the spine and am too lazy to follow the regular preventative/maintenance plan unfortunately, but I can't see that hurting. I find the aloe DMSO causes itching when applied to the spine area for some reason.

Also, if I'm ever nervous about there possibly being something coming on I apply DMSO before having sex -like an hour before ideally so it can absorb fully- as a precaution.

For when I actually get blisters, I pop them with a pin when they are super tiny (usually only one or two these days), clean the area well with soap and water and then use Chorophor. One tiny bottle will last you for like 10 years. It burns like a mother fucker for a bit, but then the pain subsides and so does the virus. Keep it dry right where the Chorophor has zapped the blister(s) and formed a kind of scab. Use DMSO on the surrounding area if needed for pain but try to keep the scab dry and in tact. If you got the blister when it was tiny, it'll be fully healed 3-4 days later, no joke.

As for oil of oregano, I use that for when I feel a cold coming on or for infections from surf/reef cuts (orally and topically). Shit works amazing for these, so think I may add it to my DMSO + Chorophor herpes destroyer kit! Will try to remember to come back here to post the results of using oil of oregano with the DMSO. Will try just orally at first, don't know about mixing it with DMSO tho?! Going to give zinc a try too.

Oh ya, biggest causes for me are: lactic acid build up from too much anaerobic activity, i.e. sprinting type sports (skiing & surfing), stress, fake tanning (don't judge me), and shaving my package, haha..

As for telling a potential new gf or bf, it's definitely something you need to do.. Not on the first date though! Make sure they are pretty into you first (duh) and you've built some sort of trust with them so hopefully they'll be more open minded when you do tell them. Know as much as possible about the virus and have treatment plans like this to stop OB's in their tracks or at least limit the whole thing to a max of 5- days so you have more confidence talking about it. I have been lucky and never passed it, but I didn't tell one of my gf's about it in the past and it made it really awkward when I did have any issues with the virus, and I felt guilty for not letting her. The other person has the right to know, especially if you like gambling and are still not using protection!

Sorry for the uber long comment.. Hope it helps someone though!

PS: This virus has very little impact on my life these days thanks to these remedies and I like to think I live a far beyond 'normal' life -in a good way!- so get control of this pesky little bastard and keep on livin!!

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Hey for the lactic acid build-up during anaerobic activities or anything where you'll exert your muscles, try Beta-Alanine... One of the features is it prevents muscle fatigue and is supposed to slow lactic acid production. I've been dealing with almost daily OBs since my first one about a month ago but have contained almost all of them with tea tree oil and a bunch of other natural remedies until I started on valacyclovir 6 days ago.

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