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I'm only 12 but yeah. I've had tooth pain for the last week. t first i thought i was going to die! Its my left bck second molr. I've tried EVERYTHING. Clpol, penicillin, ect! This is NOT what works:
1)Brushing teeth, hot or cold it doesn't work.2)Rinsing water in your mouth, this makes it 10x worse, believe me! 3)Painkillers, calpol all tht doesn't work!:'( Tody i had dentist appointment got told i'd have to have root canal, and another filling, it's going to bloody cain. But i'm telling them i want it removed and a denture replcing it. My sister hd one done, it ruined her mouth s 65% of rout canlas dont work. This is wht DOES work;
1)Sucking on bred (Only for few minutes though. 2)Sleeping. s you wken, it will hve stopped for 4 or 5 hours. Hope this helps, :)

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see ive tried all those to but never the bread but ill have to try that thanx kid because my roots do hurt on one side of my mouth on the left top but i can feel the pain at the bottom as well so thanx!!!

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