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I dealing with Hemorrhid for years since I was in my teens .I'm now 33 and I was trying anything just to stop the pain , from icing it , garlic , doc proscriptions and so on . For the last 2 days I was once again in pain . So I went to walgreens and ask a pharmasist . She wa so nice , she said I know the feeling , instead of trying all the home remedys try this cream. Is cheap and it helpt me .so I bought the cream, honestly with not much hope , since I was trying in the past so many diffrent creams oitments . Came home , more in pain then ever . Used the cream.yes the pin got better but wa still there . After 30 min , I used it again . It has been 1.5 hour since I used it first time .and my lil friend called hemorrhoid is gone . Pain free . Amazing .it calls Hemorrhoidal cooling gel , walgreens brand , under $3 and it actually workt .

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