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I had a hemorrhoid suddenly appear after I stopped using a natural detox/cleanser called Nuez de la India. Coming from Biology background I should have known to ween myself off but when I stopped taking it I became constipated. This lead to a rude awakening after two days off the Nuez. This was my first time ever.Found out it was an external. After reading through some remedies on this site I created my own remedy.

Cut 1/2'x1/4'x1/8' strips of Sabila plant leaves (succulous plant with anti-inflammatory properties)
Diced Garlic in water (doesn't have to be fresh, can be store bought)
And Olive Oil (not virgin nor extra-virgin)

Freeze the sabila wrapped in foil and insert as suppositories. Apply olive oil and garlic on cotton swab, apply to the area and leave in place for 2-6 hours. Will burn for the first 15 minutes but after 3 days applying twice a day, swelling is gone and discomfort is usually gone after first application. This works awesome. For internal you might want to roll sabila over diced garlic and freeze, then insert.

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