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My dad calls this brew, and it's yummy, soothing, and helps cure sore throat. It's also really good for singers with vocal fatigue.

1 cup hot water
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar (Bragg's is best)
1 tsp lemon juice (strips the gunk)
1 heaping spoonful honey

- a couple other things I do: gargle salt water, and use essential oil of peppermint... I put it on my finger and rub it on the back of my throat. It kills for a couple of minutes, but takes the pain away when I can't sleep.

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Do you drink it

Le sore throat master

The author says its a brew so I'm assuming you drink it


Just tried this remedie, my sore throat is already gone. Thanks for posting this.


Came across this and am drinking it right now! This is a delicious drink and my sore throat has went away. I know it's not an instant cure, but I'll be drinking this through out the day! Thanks for posting this!

PS: I bought unfiltered apple cider vinegar and 'really raw' honey. If you're going to want top grade real honey, go with raw. I spent $10 on the raw honey at the grocery store.

picture of what I bought.


replace the xx with tt for the link.


Thanks so much - the peppermint oil worked instantly. I'll do the brew when I wake up. I think I will finally get a good night's rest!


Thanks! This worked great! I added some cinamon to the mix and that seemed to help and made it taste better. Thanks for the brew.


Wow...I was expecting it to be gross...I hate the braggs apple cider taste. I drink some for health purposes but hate it. I was pleasantly surprised how good this let's see if it will get rid of my sore throat


Unfortunately it didn't do anything for me :o( but it really tasted good! :o)


I never leave comments, but I made this for my wife and before the drink was finished she was back to herself. She complained about the smell but she is well.


I have had a sore throat for months and could not get rid of it. I saw your post and thought why not try it. Boy am I glad I did. I drank one cup last night before bed and have gone all day today with out a sore throat. So for all you out there reading this post you have nothing to lose. It also has a good taste. I used a tablespoon of honey with mine.

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