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The best thing you can do for outbreaks is start taking acyclovir for suppression. My doctor told me that shes had people go without outbreaks for 10 plus years. Yes, you have to take 200mg 2x daily... but if you prevent it, you wont have to worry about future outbreaks. It can be pricey..but, you can go to your local health department, clinic,etc. and get it at Walmart on the $4 plan.

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I agree. Acyclovir is the best way to prevent. So far, its been a month since my last outbreak and I've been off of the acyclovir. My doctor wants me back on it, but i decline. I want my body to get use to not being dependent on acyclovir. However, if I do have another outbreak..I know to start on my acyclovir. I'm not sexaually active so I just want to just stay off of the acyclovir until OB


I have reduced the amount of alyclovir I take just to not be dependant on drug so far no outbreak in 3 years. I'm never going be have sex again.


I have been taking Famvir for Genital Herpes for over 15 years. My Dr assured me that this was a good and safe drug and has helped amazingly over the years. The problem, as is the case with long term use of any drug, i am now starting to have health problems related to this drug.
I have become photo sensitive and as i drive for a living this is not ideal.
I have now stopped taking it and the Outbreaks have immediately returned.
I am one of the unlucky ones who has constant outbreaks no matter what i do. I live a very healthy lifestyle. I eat well, exercise regularly and go to great lengths to be sure my stress levels are low.
I am now on here searching for a natural alternative as i hate to think at just 50 years old my sex life is over !


so does wal-mart have this medicine ?


I agree. Acyclovir has helped me tremendously! I was first diagnosed November 2012, I have since had theee OB's after the initial outbreak. Only in my case, I have HSV2 in both my mouth and genitals. The mouth OB's are the WORST. I am lucky enough I haven't had any sort of severe OB 'down there' besides the first. I find when I feel it coming, I tingle and itch and also I run a mild fever. My arms tend to ache near the elbow, I loose my appetite. I take acyclovir 400mg 3x daily for five days starting at the first sign of outbreak. this clears my sores immediately. Most of the time the sores in my mouth and on my lips/tongue are completely invisible by day 3. I think when I get dehydrated and also have emotional fatigue, the virus attacks. I am 20 and the first outbreak lasted almost 3 weeks. Thankfully, I know what to look and feel for and I try to stop it before it starts. I haven't taken Acyclovir for prevention, only for suppression. It is fantastic, and without any insurance or 'help', it costs me $18 for 30 pills.

I've also noticed with each outbreak my sores are smaller. The second and third times are wayyyyy easier to deal with, or were for me. Good luck girls.


Where are you getting this medicine for only $18 dollars?? Need to know this please

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