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I used to take medication for hypothyroidism. Did a lot of research and thought I would try Kelp. After testing on myself, I found that 2 capsules once a week banished all signs of hypothyroidism: the extreme tiredness, the sluggish mind, depression. But you have to find your own dosage, dont overdo the kelp!

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Taking 2 capsules of kelp daily for hypothyroid was mentioned but not the dosage of the capsules??????


I've been thinking of trying kelp too. What dosage do you take and did it help you lose weight? Thanks. Susie


Im wondering what mg Kelp a day where you taking? They came in 650mg and I cut mine in half...Ive been on for 1 wk


I'm sorry, but how can kelp help with hypothyroidism? One of the possible causes of hypothyroidism is too much iodine. I've searched online and reputable vitamin and herb suppliers all have a disclaimer at the bottom of their kelp pages stating kelp should not be used or should be sparingly used if a hypothyroid condition exists.


HYPOthyroidism is not from too much iodine, it's from too little.


the person above you is correct. do not take kelp if you have problems with goiters or thyroid issues as it is goitrogenic.


Hypo is lack of iodine, Hyper is to much

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