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Ok ladies! I'm a clean, healthy 30 year old gal in a monogamous relationship and I was getting way super sick of the going on antibiotics for BV followed by a yeast infection that somehow resulted in BV again. The antibiotics were making me sick and yeast meds aren't any better. Finally found what worked for me, but every lady and her lady bits are different!

1) garlic glove in my choochie at night for 3 nights ( wrapped in gauze with dental floss tied around it. You can just stick it up there by itself but I have better things to do in the AM than go on the great garlic quest in my hooha). Garlic has natural anti biotic and anti fungal qualities.

2) ok I'm gonna say it: douche. Equal parts hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. Hold it for a few) I have to do this like a gymnast/yogi/ contortionist. I do this for 3 mornings.

3) increase good stuff, get rid of bad stuff: just eating yogurt is not enough probiotics! Your tummy had all sorts of acids in right waging war so you need a supplement in the billions. I take multidophillus 3 times a day! Also take a folic acid supplement. I watch my refined sugar intake and avoide caffeine and eat lots of cruciferous veggies!

This seems to do the trick for me! I also use rephresh right after my period.

Also stay away from anything summers eve makes!!

Hope it helps!!

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Or here's an option........that don't involve shoving garlic up your poon......Wash that thing on occassion....You need to be in a relationship with some soap.


um...nipplemaster... you're a complete idiot. Get a penis.

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