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I've been working hard for the past 3 years to find out these great remedies that really due cure your lungs, and the asthma triggering them. I have gone through so much with my breathing problems I just really want to share the steps to perfect health with you. God bless. ******** PLEASE FOLLOW**************** ********** DO NOT TAKE ACTION IF ALLERGIC TO CERTAIN FOODS/ SUBSTANCE)

1. WATER WATER WATER WATER (16 glasses per day) I have been strugling day to day using medications, puffers, and different antibiotics- starting and stopping them with no releif. But I GUARANTEE you if you drink about 5 glasses each hour, you will feel like a dime. It refreshes the lungs and helps so much. Do not drink one glass, drink 5 per hour every hour. YOU WILL NOTICE A LARGE DIFFERENCE.

Kiwi is known for its large amount of vitamins and cinammon is known for its IMMUNE BOOSTING. Blend 5 cut kiwis and 3 spoons of cinnamon and it will honestly open your lungs. I guarantee you will feel much better by taking this step.


yogurt believe it or not has an amazing bacteria in it that cures diseases, and struggles, boosting your immune system. I used to take probiotic pills which made me feel so much better. I paid $90 for a pack... But then I realized, THAT YOGURT was the exact same thing.

God bless.

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You are not supposed to drink that much water at a time it's not good to do people can actually drown themselves from drinking too much at once. The recommended amount of water to drink daily is 96 oz throughout the day.


5 glasses per hour = 80 glasses of water in 16 hours (if you sleep 8 hours per night.) You really need to re-do your math. That will certainly be problematic to drink so much water. You really can overhydrate your body so much that you kill yourself. Anybody reading this - DO NOT DRINK 5 GLASSES OF WATER PER HOUR!

Your body needs about 64oz of water per day and since many glasses are 8oz or higher you should drink about 8 glasses of water per day.

I can drink 24oz of water per hour for several hours at a time but not for 16 hours per day. I'm not sure it's good to tax your kidneys so much with so much water either.

Lord Wilford Featherbottom IIII

If you ask me Original Poster is a total pussy. If you really want to cure your asthma. Go to your local ocean, stick your head in the water and start drinking. I spend nearly 20 hours a day drinking ocean water and I never have attacks anymore.


He said at the beginning of that paragraph to drink 16 glasses per day. I think that make the most sense.


Drinking a good amount of pure fresh or at least filtered water daily will help to clear toxins/impurities etc from your body however, in doing so electrolytes will be washed out of your body as well. These electrolytes need to be replenished or you could suffer from 'water intoxication' which can be deadly. Doctors recommend around eight, eight ounce glasses of water daily for good health although persons that exercise and sweat or have have other circumstances (like live in a desert) may need more. You may want to go to the site for ideas on replenishing those electrolytes while keeping the calories low (sports drinks tend to have lots of sugar/calories). Search for FITDAY,
'How to Make a Homemade Electrolyte Drink'

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