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College Student

Cold medicine...specifically TYLENOL Cold Multi-Symptom liquid. I don't know how safe it is on a prolonged basis but I'll be drinking it till I run out.

Drink in the morning and drink before you go to sleep, relief with 3-5 minutes.

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I just happened to have a bottle of Tylenol Cold Multi symptom liquid, so when I read this comment I tried it. It really works! And within 5 minutes, just like this person claims. It's absolutely crazy that this is the solution, but it will hold me over until I can get to the dentist. I dont know how you figured this out, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!


My husband would like to thank you for this comment...we were reading up on stuff to help him since it was getting bad and it helped hold him over til his dentist from both of us thank you!!!!! =)


Thank you very much. Just ran to 24 hour store and took some Tylenol Multi-symptom and felt relief instantly!


I'm wondering if the caplet form works or just the liquid?? I'm about to find out..... I don't think I have any liquid!!


How much do I drink??

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