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My husband just spent one week in the hospital due to hives - doctors stating they'd never seen any so severe. He's never had them previously in his life. When they first began we went to the ER two nights in a row. The 3rd night he was admitted. Before being admitted we attempted all sorts of remedies that we found online by wonderful people attempting to help/assist others; however, nothing worked for him. The mediation/injections/prescriptions they provided on the first two ER visits, didn't touch this mess. He couldn't swallow easy, difficult breathing at times, deep hives on the thighs, down to the feet, arms, neck, and with each day old ones disappeared as new ones popped up. It was amazing. Very painful, burning, itchy. He said he'd rather lose fingers again rather than having hives. In addition to the steroid injections, benedryl, prednisone, and insulin when his sugar got out of control due to the steroids, THEY HAD THIS WONDER LIQUID CALLED DOMEBORO Astringent Solution. This was amazing. Even with medication he still itched and had pain. However, this is a powder that you dissolve in 16oz of water, take a washcloth and dab all over the hives, within minutes the itching and pain went away. Man, if I could have gotten my hand on this over a week ago....It reads do 3 times/day or as directed by the dr, however, i did whenever he began itching. Much like a fever it always got worse after dark, usually about 7-8pm, the hives got worse. This mixture was amazing. I seriously suggest if you begin breaking out in hives, get this immediately. We were told you could obtain DOMEBORO at any pharmacy. It is made by Bayer HealthCare. Fortunate for us the cause of his hives was found....he's never had Keflex in his life. He was on it for 6 days, 2pills/day after a rotator cuff surgery. The day he stopped the Keflex, the hives began. Note: Always read the reactions to medication....One severe allergic reaction to Keflex is HIVES....we will begin an allergic reaction list at this time. May everyone who has problems with hives stumble upon this note and find DOMEBORO to assist with speedy recoveries and better sleep associated with hives. Good luck and peaceful sleeping.

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